Let's share ideas and suggestions about Hydraulics and help each other to make our work a bit easier

I gained a lot of knowledge and skills in hydraulics in my last years working as service engineer for a multinational company and now, I continue to improve my skills as freelancer.

One system I am most familiar with is electro-hydraulic deck cranes. I got trainings in this equipment, I serviced many times deck cranes equipment, I like to troubleshoot and repair this kind of equipment.

With the help of this website I’ll show my quality services I gained, regarding deck cranes.

Also, my special attention will be to communicate and collaborate often with people from the same field and share details and information about this dynamic and complex system.Within the website content I will write down different troubleshooting tips and other related subject.

Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through. Have A Great Story About it? Have fun, write and share them here.

Icing on the cake will be about my different experiences I’ve been through and I will explain how these systems work in different states.

So…enjoy this adventure...


Let's try to improve day by day to achieve what we wish and deserve,
to became professionals.

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Maintenance chart a good method to prevent waste of money.
Stop wasting money and follow the equipment maintenance chart .
Troubleshooter chart a way to overtake the hydraulic system problems.
Useful hydraulic techniques introduced in the troubleshooter chart
Deck Crane Equipment
Get information and tips about deck crane equipment.
Useful information about hydraulic parts
Hydraulic parts database
Pressure control valves controls pressure in the hydraulic system.
Accurate control of force obtained with pressure control valves.
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I offer reliable services for electro-hydraulic deck cranes. For many years I worked with big companies and got training for this equipment.


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