Troubleshooter chart overcomes problems occurs in hydraulic systems.

Be prepared. Stay tune and regularly check the troubleshooter chart displayed here.

Find out the probable causes and solution of different hydraulic problems occurred during hydraulic system operation.

Most of the time troubleshooting procedure is performed in a random and wrong manner, leading to items being changed for no logical reason. That’s why a better systematic approach for correcting a hydraulic problem it became a must.

Before starting any troubleshooting operations get informed about the problem. The person in charge with the equipment should know very well the function of the equipment and could be very helpful providing you useful information to get a faulty system back into operation.

Take care to check that the proper drawings and diagrams are always available on board ship. Instruments like pressure gauges and multimeter should be always available and on hand.

Troubleshooter chart, Hydraulic actuator (cylinder or motor)





Hydraulic actuator does not run.

Faulty pump

Abrasive wear caused
 by metal particles looking
like sticks or flakes;


Wrong installation;


Aeration or cavitation;


Lack of fluid;


Excessive heat;


Excessive pressure;


Incorrect assembly;


Direction control valve fails to shift



System pressure too low

Air in the fluid;                                                           

Fill the tank ¾ full or
 to required level.

Replace pump shaft seal

Pressure relief valve
 set too low;


relief valve not
properly seated;

Rectified,adjust the
relief valve.

Leak in the hydraulic line;

Tighten leaky

Defective or worn-out pump;

Overhaul or replace.

Defective or worn-out actuator;

Overhaul or replace.

Broken actuator


Overhaul or replace.

Pressure relief valve stuck open


Overhaulor replace.

Actuator load
 is excessive



Check valve installed
 in the reverse direction.


Rectified the installation


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